How to Request Help

The WPH Office of Academic Computing (OAC) provides support for the Department of Psychiatry faculty and staff. Our team members are available to provide assistance during normal business hours Monday – Friday from 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. with the exception of holidays.

The UPMC Help Desk phone number is 412-647-HELP (4357). The UPMC Help Desk is always the first point of contact for technical support issues. Issues that cannot be resolved by the UPMC Help Desk are forwarded to the next level of support.

Please select an option from the following choices:

For desktop support requests, please submit a support ticket through the Cherwell IT Service Portal.

This option is primarily used to:

  • Request help to fix a PC hardware issue
  • Purchase departmental computers and software
  • Troubleshoot printing issues
  • Request access to departmental-owned shared folders
  • All other IT support requests


For programming requests or support for a custom software application, please submit a request through the OAC Help Portal.

This option is used to:

  • Support for existing clinical and research projects with OAC
  • Report application issues
  • Change management requests for projects under development
  • Ongoing programming maintenance requests
  • Database permission changes


All other requests or inquiries should be sent to the support mailbox.