Recruitment - Text4Info

  • Add an automated Texting feature to your recruitment advertisements. Example: “For more information text Test Study to 412-999-XXXX”
  • Automated informational replies with immediate notice to study staff
  • Text “conversations” during recruitment

Online Questionnaires

  • Web-based screening, consents, baseline and follow-up surveys
  • Fully integrated with your study’s secure database
  • Automated text and/or email participant reminders for completion
  • Responsive design that looks great and functions well on desktop or mobile


  • Text alerts with a link to phone-friendly website for your study
  • “No footprint” solutions without the need to install, maintain or run apps
  • Scheduled, random or self-initiated assessments

Project Management

Prior to your next grant submission please contact our project management team to assist with the following:

  • Defining project deliverables and requirements
  • Assessment of estimated scope, timeline and budget
  • Meeting and project document management for your anticipated project
  • Ongoing monitoring and control of OAC items with focus on change management
  • Oversight of product delivery and hand-off


Interactive Text Messaging

  • Collect Likert scales, Yes/No, dates, times, numbers or free-text responses
  • Branching and custom messages based on participant preferences and history
  • Extremely high compliance rates!