The Office of Academic Computing (OAC) serves the research computing needs of the Department of Psychiatry at UPMC, with a special emphasis on junior faculty K-awardees. The OAC also provides services to other departments within UPMC and the University of Pittsburgh, including the School of Social Work, Emergency Medicine, Rehabilitation Medicine, and the Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center (ADRC).

Using current best practices in database and software development, OAC develops applications for research data collection and processing, including robust database designs with emphasis on data integrity and security. The OAC specializes in clinical research management systems (CRMS) integrated with secure online data collection.

The OAC also provides IT support to the Department of Psychiatry research community. The following services are available at no cost to investigators:


  • Assist with the purchasing and ordering of departmental computers
  • Installation and maintenance of computing devices onto the UPMC or PITT network
  • Coordinate the disposal of outdated equipment and ensure that hard drives are securely erased
  • Assist researchers with specialized software installation and configuration
  • Backup research data and secure offsite storage
  • Provide secure, departmental database servers for research subject identifying information
  • Maintain and manage departmental storage for research groups
  • Ensure that all managed servers have the latest security updates installed
  • Provide Linux workstation support for customers
  • Provide application monitoring and alert notifications for customers
  • Manage security groups for both UPMC and PITT networks
  • Provide general customer support

~ Our Mission ~

Our mission is to support research computing and provide technology services for the Department of Psychiatry research community. We design and build customized research applications, manage and securely store research data, and provide end-user computing support for researchers in the department.